Moments of Growth


Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

-Joshua 1:9-

When you think about growth what exactly do you picture? To me it is like the one above. I think of a fish in a fish bowl. A goldfish can only grow so much in a bowl. If it ever wants to grow more it must be place out of the bowl. Kind of like us right? You know what I am talking about. Those moments where you grow comfortable in one thing and God begins to shift you, and pushes you out into something totally new. Yet, unsure of what is ahead, you know you are being led by Him. After all, He is a good good father. He has the BEST in store for us. However, first we must be willing to move out of our comfort zones into the unknown. This is where the blessings await. This is where our destiny BEGINS.

All the Bible greats were like us. They began in one thing, then God came out of nowhere and called them into GREATER. The scripture above describes this perfectly. God came to Joshua and told him , “be not afraid.” God saw potential in Joshua when even Joshua did not. He chose him for GREATNESS. Just like Joshua, God chooses us for assignments and destinies that are greater than ourselves. We are called to lead. Alot of times we are not even qualified for what we are being considered for. Yet, the door opens to it. This should be seen as God calling us to step out of our comfort zones into the unknown. This is done so we can reach our full potential in Christ.

I remember when I was comfortable in a position. I enjoyed it very much. However, one day came when I was asked to considered a higher position in a big retail company. I literally froze in fear. I did not accept the offer. I did not feel I was qualified. Yet, God saw that I was. I missed that door of opportunity. God wanted to take me out of my comfort zone so He could mold me into who He destined me to be. He wanted to use me to motivate and encourage others to be their BEST. I wasn’t ready back then. I had alot of growing to do. In the years to come, He literally slowed me down to grow me into that person. If God was to open that door again, I would not hesitate to step into it. I don’t want to be in a position for me. I want to be in one for others to see Him. I desire to be used to empower others to reach their full potential for Christ.

God calls us out of our comfort zones. It is up to us to go when He says GO. If we don’t life literally will slow down. God will cause circumstances to take place so He can mold us into who we are destined to be. He will literally PUSH us out of our “comfortable fish bowls.” We will have no choice but to step forward into our destinies.  This is where we learn our true identities. We are not in any position for “us.” We are not in them for money. We are in them for a GREATER purpose. We are in them to motivate, encourage, and inspire others to be their BEST for Him.

As I close this blog, let me ask you something, “Where are you right now?” Are you in that fish bowl of a comfort zone? Are you doing something YOU enjoy? Have you been offered GREATER positions or assignments? If you answer is YES then God is trying to PUSH you out of your comfort zone into the unknown. The unknown is where your DESTINY awaits. It is reached and achieved by FAITH. Don’t be afraid to move forward into the door that is opened before you. God has went before you. He has ordered your steps. He is with you. He is guiding you. He equipped you for this. Don’t miss your opportunity. STEP into GREATER today!

Writing with Purpose for His Service,

Ruby ❤


Finish the Race


The crowd is cheering your name. They are waiting in expectation as you get closer, Closer, and CLOSER to the finish line. You feel like you are on cloud nine. Your heart is full of pride. It is full of determination. You suddenly boost your confidence to the max. You look around you. You see the competition. You see the speed of the runner beside you. It intimidates you. It weakens you. You suddenly loose your focus. Suddenly, you hit the ground. You collapse. This happens at the very moment, you could’ve WON. You don’t reach the finish line. However, it is not the END.

Instead of getting back up, you choose to stay down. You look around you only to see people accomplishing what you set out to do. You feel embarrassed. You feel HOPELESS. You ask yourself, “why should I even try?” So, you never get back up. You never hold on to HOPE. You choose to GIVE UP. Does this sound familiar? Is this you right now? Just know you are not alone. This use to be me for a few years after I fail flat of my face. Do you know why you fall? You fail in order to LEARN. You learn to GROW. You grow to BECOME who God made you to be.

For a few weeks, I have kind of been like the runner in the scenario above. A few years ago , I fell due to my own insecurity and pride. I started to keep my eyes on everything around me, instead of Jesus. I became intimidated. I became weakened. I stopped running the race. I fail flat of my face. I felt I could never try again. I literally GAVE UP. I have been questioning my purpose ever since that experience. During, this time God taught me so much from what I saw as failure. He taught me before there is SUCCESS, failure happens. Failure happens to get your heart in the RIGHT place. God can not use you until the impurities are cleansed out of your heart. PRIDE has to fall so HUMILITY can rise up.


God uses the humble servant, not the prideful person. Sometimes, one does not know they have pride, until God shows them. He does this by allowing them to fall. It is when they fall, God teaches them to be humble. It is through humility, you obtain your true God given purpose. Through this , God leads you to your DESTINY.

Last night, I had a very REAL and life like dream. It began, in a high school environment. There was a huge stadium that was filled to overflowing. There was a basketball court and a game going on. The announcer was announcing the players. He then got to me. My team was dressed in purple and gold. I was number twenty-seven. I came out. The crowd erupted cheering my name. Suddenly, the game starts. My team is doing well. I make many shots, but then I’m passed the ball in the heat of the moment. I jump to make a slam-dunk and come crashing down on my knee. I hear the referee shouting, “she’s down.” Immediately, I see Jesus come down and take me up. He takes me up and shows me various rooms , all filled with people. He then takes me to a separate room. He shows me books I have authored. He looks and smiles. Suddenly, he speaks, “YOU MUST FINISH THE RACE.” Dream ends. I wake up.

The dream represents my life. God designed me to stand out for Him. However, my own pride caused me to come crashing down. Pride is a representation of the slam-dunk. I could’ve just passed the ball to my team mate.  However, I let people intimidate me. I became competitive. I was insecure in who God made to be. I chose to instead be what others wanted me to be. This caused me to come crashing down on my knee. Knee represents stability. Stability is taken out when pride comes in. Jesus coming down and picking me up represents His amazing grace. He showed me the real purpose. He did this when He brought me in the rooms full of people. Our ultimate purpose is being used for His service. In this case, my purpose is being a writer for Him.

The main thing that stood out were the final words He spoke to me before I woke up. He said, “You must FINISH THE RACE.” He was speaking to me, that my life was not yet done. I still had purpose. I had to finish what He started in me. He covers ALL my mistakes with His amazing GRACE. I cannot finish the RACE known as life, without FAITH in who He is and who He made me to be. My motives had to change. I had to become HUMBLE. He taught me humility during the time I was down. I learned so much during this time. As I learned, I GREW. I am also in the process of BECOMING who God made me to be. I can’t give up. I must choose to dust myself off. Put my past BEHIND me. Apply what I was taught during the season I was down. Get back up and FINISH the RACE!


I believe this dream was also a MESSAGE to you all. God is speaking to everyone of you. No matter what you have done. No matter what has happened to you. No matter how many times you have FAILED. No matter if no one BELIEVES in you. You have to FINISH THE RACE. There are people who NEED you. They need what’s INSIDE of you. Everything that you have been through has PURPOSE. It was to TRAIN and EQUIP you for His service. Your life is not over. Keep running the RACE of FAITH. He will give the STRENGTH that is needed to complete your MISSION on this earth

Writing with Purpose for His Service,

Broken and Restored Ministries,

Ruby 🙂


Life in Motion


The inspiration for this blog post comes from a few days back.  My husband and I went for a walk around the park in down town Orlando. I come from a small town in South Georgia. Before, moving here I would of never considered relocating to a major city. However, God knew. He had other plans. These plans were way BIGGER than I could dream of. I never knew of His plan until I took a step of faith outside of my comfort zone. I’ve learned over the course of my life, LIFE happens in steps. You can’t get to where He desires to take you all at once. You won’t get there by STOPPING either. You only get there by constantly being in motion.

I love the picture above. I caught the perfect view of my husband in motion. In a way, this is how God watches us. As we take flight into the adventure known as LIFE, He watches us. He knows we will mess up. He knows we will fall. However, He is there. He waits till the perfect moment to adjust the wind. It leads us to our next destination. We are like the birds of the air in His eyes. If He takes care of them, then He certainly will take care of us.

I used to live life in two different ways. It was either in fast motion, or slow motion. I never took life as it comes. I was too busy trying to get somewhere too fast. I was also afraid of taking steps into the unknown. So this would literally FREEZE my progress. Fear will always prevent you from getting to where God desires to take you. FAITH is what you have activate. Life is meant to be lived in motion. If you would just pause sometimes, look around, and SEE how life constantly moves even when you are still.

While on a walk in the park with my husband, God taught me this. He had me stand still and observe my surroundings. As I looked around me, I saw life in motion. I saw the birds fly over my husband as he captured beautiful images. I watched couples pass by. Laughing and engaged in conversation with each other. I saw children playing with their mothers. I saw people enjoying life. This was LIFE in MOTION. This is the way God views life. This is also the way we should live life.

God never intended us to live life on PAUSE. Yes, I understand at times He wants us to REST. However, never to give up for good. God taught me something that day. He used the photo I captured of my husband doing what he loves best. My husband loves art and photography. He can find life in the dullest of places. However, he was not aware that I captured a breath taking photo of a flock of birds flying over him. Life was in motion at that very second. God captured us. He is the artist. He is the one who breathes LIFE. On this day, He sent the birds at the perfect timing while my husband was taking a beautiful photo of the lake. In the meantime , He allowed me to capture a stunning photo of His masterpiece using the one I love most. I call the masterpiece above  , “Life in Motion.”

You may think what you are doing is useless. However, He sees it as a utensil to use to encourage someone else. You may see life in reverse or forward. However, I invite you to just press PLAY and see it in MOTION. Sometimes, what you are doing has a GREATER meaning. God uses it for others. Life is not about you. It is about being used for His glory. My husband may not ever know, he inspired this post. However, he did by doing what he loved to do. He loves capturing beautiful photos. In the process, he was apart of one, designed by our Heavenly creator. May this encourage you that no matter what you are doing, it has a purpose. God is using it to create a beautiful masterpiece.

Writing with Purpose for His Service,

Broken and Restored Ministries,

Ruby 🙂

It’s Never Too Late to Begin Again



Looking back, all you see is a dark path. It led you to where you are currently today. You entered life not knowing where you were going. However, there was a knowing deep down. There was a purpose for your very existence. You spent countless years trying to figure out what exactly THAT is. You made mistakes. You fell from grace. You did not know your place. You had pride instead of humility. You had bondage instead of liberty. You did things you are not proud of . You think because of  what you did there was no purpose for you to live. Yet, there is a PURPOSE for it all.

He has a reason for every trial and every season. Every broken path had meaning. You feel you can’t go on, but He is saying HOLD ON. It’s never too late to begin again. No matter what have done, He reaches out with His arms of love. He forgives you . The question is can YOU forgive you? You constantly see the reminder of the pain. Reminder of the shame. You hear the voice of who you use to be. You see the damage you have done. It is all a tool of the enemy. It is to remind you that there is no HOPE for you. However, his voice does not matter. There is a greater voice on the inside of you. It is none other that the voice of TRUTH crying out to you. It reminds you of who you truly are. You are His jewel.

God had to remind me of this lately. The truth is I had given up. This was because of past actions of mine.I had tons of insecurity. This led me to hurting some people dear to me. After this, I felt I could never be used by God again. I gave up ever being used by Him. I went into a season where I had alot of questions. I questioned my walk with God. I questioned my purpose. I questioned my existence. I did not even try to write. I could care less about encouraging anyone. I felt it was useless due to my previous actions. So I spent a period of time of just being still,. During this time, Abba taught me so much. More than anything, He taught me FORGIVENESS. He taught me humility. This is needed so He could effectively use me. I had the wrong motives before because of my insecurity of my true identity in Christ. I believed and lived a lie. I needed His TRUTH.

I finally found His truth, at what I would call, the ROCK BOTTOM stage of life. My husband and I literally were stripped of everything. We had to “Begin Again.” Only this time we had to go back to our past. We had to face some things that we needed to face. We had to do this in order to FORGIVE, HEAL, and truly BEGIN again. I learned who God really was in this time. I learned that it was NOT about me. It was not about the life I so desperately desired. I learned it was about Him. I learned also it was not about being well known. It was only about making Him known.

I also learned in that time I had to face my past. I had to forgive who I was once in order to become who I truly am in Christ. I had to choose to let go of my mistakes and pain of yesterday. This includes what my insecurity caused. I had to FORGIVE myself. As I forgave myself, God taught me how to love myself. He recently told me, “it is never too late to begin again.” After He told me this, the spark came back in my heart. The passion for writing and ministry came back alive. In the meantime, God placed us back where we were originally. It would be here that we would reach our fullest potential for Christ. He showed me He is truly faithful to His promises, even if we are not.

I hope this post gives you the strength to BEGIN AGAIN. Remember it is never too late. You were created for His purpose. He will use you for His service.

Writing with Purpose for His Service,

Broken and Restored Ministries

Ruby !



The Door of Destiny


“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God predestined beforehand, that we should walk in them.”

-Ephesians 2:10-

A couple of weeks ago, I saw a vision of a giant door with the word “destiny”, engraved in gold on it. It was sealed shut. There was a giant pad lock on it. It did not look that it could be opened. However, I then saw Jesus with a giant key in his hand. The key had the word, “faith” on it. He preceded to unlock the door. God begin to then give me the revelation of this vision. It is the season of open doors. Our faith is the key to unlock these doors. As these doors are unlocked, it will lead us further and further into His destiny for our life. Inside the door of destiny, are many doors to various things you have been believing God for. If you believe Him for the IMPOSSIBLE, He will make it POSSIBLE in this season.

God predestines our lives from the very beginning of time. We are His craftsmanship. We are created to walk in what He has ordained for our life. It takes time to arrive at the door of destiny. We have to go through many doors, before arriving at our purpose. In seasons past, many of these doors were closed. God could not allow you to go through these doors, because you were not ready yet. You were not prepared. You were not molded. You were not shaped. If you walked through the door of destiny beforehand, you could’ve aborted the mission God sent you to this Earth for. You did not have the faith to unlock this door. In this season, you are READY to go forth in destiny. God is aligning everything right now, so you can reach this.

Doors are opening to “more of Him.” You are coming deeper into your true identity as a child of God. As you walk in the door of identity, the door of favor will be opened. These doors also  represent  visions, dreams,gifts, talents, business, ministries, victory, breakthrough, release, peace, increase, multiplication, acceleration, and nations. Many have been in a place of REST for a while. In this place, many have experienced an encounter with God. God gave promises to His people in this time. He also allowed a TEST to see if you trusted Him completely to do what He said He would do. In this season, those who have passed the tests are preparing to enter HIS best. His best represent His promises. It represents the visions and dreams He gave to you in your time of rest. It is time for the birth of DESTINY.

God has assigned and released angels to you to assist you in the manifestation of the NEW. Activation of His promises have begun for His faithful ones. God is releasing what He had stored up in His heavenly storehouses in this season. You will “taste and see that the Lord is good” , in this season. You will come to the understanding that everything happens for a divine reason. God uses it as a setup to the door of destiny , He has planned for you. Get ready to walk in unprecedented favor. Experience the power of the risen Savior. Walk forward. As you walk forward by faith, it will be like a domino effect, until you are thrust into His destiny for your life. You have arrived at the door of destiny. Are you ready to enter in? It is time to begin the journey by faith into the NEW.

Every person has a destiny that God has assigned for them to walk in. It takes time to discover the purpose you are here for. God allows us to go through trial and error. He allows us to experience failure. We will do this until the moment we arrive at the door of what God has in store for us. This is the season of open doors. These doors will be what God uses to thrusts you into what He has always desired for you to do. Take a step of faith into the unknown. Do something you never did before. Walk through the open doors God is opening for you. Keep walking by faith. God will thrust you into GREATER. You never know what those doors have behind it. It could be one step further into His destiny for your life!

Writing with Purpose for His Service,

Broken and Restored Ministries,

Ruby ❤

A Year Reflection


“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

-Jeremiah 29:11-

It’s been a little over a year, since Blake and I made the giant leap of faith and moved here to Florida. The original plan was to write this blog on our year anniversary of being here; however, God had me wait till today. His timing and plan is always best. If I had to describe our journey so far, I would have to use the word: RADICAL. This comes to no surprise, as this very word describes our life. I know there are many that do not understand our journey. God taught me a long time ago, it is not for man to understand. It is His life and not ours. We are just travelers passing through. We are all on our own road with God to fulfill His destiny. Each person has a different purpose, not everyone will agree with it. They are not meant to. All that matters is that you live a life of obedience. Obedience is what God requires so He can be glorified.

I remember it , like it was yesterday. It was the day that everything changed. Our season in Atlanta was coming to a close. My husband had just had back surgery. He was healing rapidly. I had just gotten news I was turned down for both full-time positions I put in for at the library I was working. I was so devastated. I did not understand how God can tell me, weeks prior, “you are about to receive your promotion, I have seen your faithfulness.” However, the news of not receiving the promotion confused me. I got angry and shook my fist at God, “please do something, and do something NOW!.” Funny how we do that, in the moment of crisis. Yet, God sees it as a moment of transition. Within hours of saying this, my husband got a call and offer to move to Florida and start our whole life over. We began our journey that same day. We adventured into the unknown. We left our life behind to move forward into what God had planned for our life.

Any time you take a giant leap of faith, there will be opposition. The opposition is used to catapult you into the NEW season. It is used to challenge you to go beyond what you are currently. After we moved here, there was opposition. There were also challenges. However, these challenges helped us grow and become who God desired us to be. As I reflect on our year, I would say it has been amazing. When I first got here, it was hard for me to accept the “new” life that God gave to me and my husband. I did not think I was worthy to receive the grace that we were receiving. Also, it was hard for me to transition from serving in a nine to five job to being a freelance writer. Another challenge was my husband was disabled 7 years and I was the only one working. After we moved here, my husband started steps to his career as a graphic/web designer. God has restored our entire life since being here.

Our year was also a healing year. God had a even deeper purpose for moving us to our new location. He restored us to family. He also used us to restore a family. Two very broken families became one whole family in Christ. It wasn’t easy to accept. It was difficult. It was challenging. I had times I would fight against the very thought of it. We had many times there would be major blow-ups because of this. I had many episodes of PTSD. These people God brought into our lives have seen us at our very worst. They have seen us when we would fall apart. They seen us when were deeply hurting. They saw us when would be angry. They saw us when were fragile. Yet, they never kicked us out. They never rejected us. They never persecuted us. They always loved us. They always showed Jesus to us. It was through this that God healed me of the deepest wound I had which was my biological mother walking out on me as an infant. Jesus is the only one to fill that void. However, I do believe He uses people to usher Himself in.

I could’ve been kicked out. I could’ve been homeless. I could’ve lost it all. Yet, I didn’t because I have a God who loves me. Even when I did not deserve His grace , because I was so filthy, He gave it to me. There are times anger was so bad, I have hurt people. I could’ve been locked up, but God extended grace. He changed me. He found me when I was lost on this road called life. He made a way when we were barely getting by. He extended mercy and gave us another try at life. I’ve had times my husband could’ve left, yet he didn’t because God intervened. We have had times everything could’ve fell apart, but He used it to mend the broken pieces of our heart. I know most people don’t understand our radical life. That is okay! They are not meant to. Blake and I live a life of FAITH. We walk by faith. We are not here to have our life. We are here for His purpose to be used for His service. Our life is His. We will ALWAYS obey His will.

Since moving here, my husband and I are able to live and breathe again. We are able to enjoy life to the fullest. We are able to discover His purpose. God is establishing our life. It has taken time, because at first it was very daunting to us. We did not understand how God could bless us so much, yet we had done so much wrong in the past. God forgives us. He sees beauty in the ashes of our life. He creates jewels from the rubble. Our marriage has never been more anchored in Christ. I’ve learned to be that Proverbs 31 wife. I know there is still more to grow and learn from. I am sure there will be more challenges. However, I know God has equipped us to master them. He allows a time of trial and error, so He can teach us discipline and structure in life. He teaches us how to rise from the ashes to fulfill His destiny for our life.

The scripture above, was spoken to me at a point of suicide at the age of eleven years old. Little did I know what it actually meant. Jeremiah 29:11 is a promise of destiny. The enemy comes to rob our destiny. However, God turns it all around for our good. Our suffering is to birth His glory. Everything I went through, up until last year was to get me to this place of promise. This scripture is the prophetic Word for the destiny God had for me. A prophetic word can not manifest without the ingredient of FAITH. My husband and I’s obedience to step out on radical faith, move to a brand new state, and  be willing to lay down our life to have His birthed this prophetic Word that God gave me years ago. I realize there will be people who will not understand, judge, condemn, and even crucify us. However, it doesn’t matter. Our life is His. It doesn’t make sense to man, but to Him it is a masterpiece of His grace and glory. Our life is to bring Him glory. We are excited to continue to move forward into His destiny for our life, one step, one day at a time.

Writing with Purpose for His Service,

Broken and Restored Ministries,

Ruby ❤

Planted by Streams of Living Waters, Get Ready to Prosper


“That person is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither– whatever they do prospers.”

-Psalm 1:3-

Planted and Prosper

As October has come, the leaves fade and change a vibrant color.  It is a time of reflection on the year, thus far for most. He spoke to me and gave two main words for this month: PLANTED and PROSPER.  In this season, you have been planted. He plucked you out from dead and fragile land.  Fruitless vineyards, He removed you from. October is always a powerful month prophetically. We enter into the “Feast of Tabernacles.” It is a time of harvesting the seeds that you have sowed in the past seasons. He has removed the weeds. These are those things that were not producing any genuine fruit. Assignments have changed. Some have come to completion. Others, He released you from because it was not apart of His plan for you. He moved you into the new territory. In this new season, He has aligned you to the NEW.

Month of Divine Encounters

There is an arrivement of new assignments. Many are being stretched to reach their full purpose. This is uncomfortable at first, but necessary for growth. He has planted you in a fertile ground by streams of living waters. Get ready to prosper. You will no longer wither. You will no longer fade away. He is leading you into a new day.  This is a month of DIVINE ENCOUNTERS. His glory has been poured over you in your season of darkness. You were refined as pure gold through fire. He will give you your heart’s desires. In this new territory He has planted you in, there are angels who hold instructions for your next assignments. There are spiritual mothers and fathers that have been assigned to you. They will mold you to be a true SON and daughter of God. You will no longer be an orphan. You will become adopted.  As you come into your true identity, you will receive your INHERITANCE. You will then walk in FAVOR. You will be given the mantles God has designed for you. After receiving your mantles, you will operate in your ASSIGNED annointings and callings He has placed on your life.


You will no longer be concerned with TIME. You will discover Time is like ETERNITY. You will no longer have old mindsets. You will function in the mind of Christ. As you do this, you will begin to walk in VICTORY. There is no space the past is erased. Behold, the power of His grace that takes you to a NEW place. A place of prosperity and authority. It is a time of planting. He will plant you in fruitful soil that will nourish your soul. Get ready to prosper as you have been positioned for royalty. You are about to be discovered. Move forward toward the harvest. It’s waiting for you on the horizon. For it is a time of ARISING for His sons and daughters. You are about to birth your purpose.

Arise, shine for your light has come. The chains have came undone. Darkness has faded away, it’s a NEW season. Everything happens for a divine reason. Each season is to SEASON you for what you are destined to do. Some are lessons, while others cause mold you for His purpose for your life. His glory rises on you. It’s time daughters and sons to arise to GREATER. Resurrection all across the nations has begun. This is nothing you have done. This is because of His great love. He’s pouring it out from an ever-flowing fountain that resides on His holy mountain. It’s time to receive your INHERITANCE as sons and daughters of God! Walk into the entrance of the holy of holies. Declare victory, for you hold the key that unlocks mysteries. This is found in true intimacy. Embrace the fullness of His amazing grace.


He’s called you all out of your caves for His glory shines upon you. He’s releasing a NEW sound in the atmosphere. Barriers are now clear. This will cause the ground to break open for REVIVAL. Wells of life are springing forth. Souls that were parched are being replenished across the Earth. It’s a time for new birth. No more miscarriages of the visions He has given you. You no longer have a malnourished womb. You are no longer in a parched land. He has given you a new womb that gives life. He has planted you in new land where the wells don’t grow dry. He is not a God, that He can lie! Your vision can now come to full term. He’s sent in the midwives to push, impart, and activate the manifestation of purpose inside of you. He’s placed you in perfect position for the birth of His promises.

Do not worry, nor be in a hurry for He knows the plan He has for you. Stay in anticipation, no matter how long you have been waiting for the manifestation of your purpose. He is forming a miracle in you. It’s your time of ARISING. He wants you to shine bright for His glory rests upon you. Be expectant as you enter the NEW! Destiny awaits you!

Writing with Purpose for His Service,

Broken and Restored Ministries,

Ruby ❤

A Great Transformation Ahead


“They will rebuild the ancient ruins, repairing cities destroyed long ago. They will revive them, though they have been deserted for many generations.” 

-Isaiah 61:4-

Lazarus Come Forth!

The word Resurrection has been stirring in my spirit since the beginning of September. September is a powerful month prophetically. It is also the beginning of the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah. I started receiving the download of this Word from Abba during prayer on September 10, 2015. Abba gave me a vision of Jesus rolling away a huge stone. He then told me the following , ” Lazarus it is time to come forth.”  If you are familiar with the story of Lazarus, you will remember that he was the brother of Mary and Martha. He was gravely ill and even died for four days. Jesus came and he rolled away the stone. He went into the tomb and He raised him from dead. He ordered Lazarus to come forth.

Think about that for a moment! Jesus went inside a grave where there was death. The minute He spoke with authority, Lazarus came alive. Resurrection took place inside the dead cave. In this season, He is performing resurrection in areas that there have been absolutely no life. He’s bringing back to LIFE visions that have been put aside. He is AWAKENING purpose in His people that have been dormant. He’s REVIVING marriages that no longer had His heartbeat. He is calling His children that have been dead to come forth.  Come forth and discover His purpose for your life. Receive the Refreshment of His living waters in those places that are dry. There is a  GREAT  transformation  ahead. You can not receive it by going back, nor by staying complacent. You have to come forth out of the grave. He is calling you out of your caves of darkness!

This Fall He will Restore it ALL

This fall He will RESTORE it ALL! He will rebuild the ruins. He will repair what has been destroyed. He will revive areas that have been deserted. Lazarus came to life, when RESURRECTION walked in. Jesus is known as  the Resurrection and Life. No matter what your situation looks like, the moment He comes in things change. The moment you prophesy to those dead dry bones, you will begin to see LIFE. You will thrive once more. It is NOT over. You will live again. You must believe in the power of His resurrection. Lazarus rose from the grave because he believed. He knew Jesus was the Resurrection. We also have to believe to activate the power of His resurrection in our lives.

He is Making ALL Things NEW

There is also a NEWNESS in the air. In this season, you will be in position for labor and birth of the visions He has placed inside of you. There is also an EXPECTATION of the fulfillment of His promises. We are getting nearer to HARVEST. Many marriages will be resurrected from death. He will place a new Love in the hearts of his sons and daughters. He will restore every broken piece. He will lead you into HIS peace that passes all understanding. The power of His resurrection will sweep over businesses, ministries, and families that have been lifeless. Gifts and talents that have been dormant will be moved to the forefront.  He will release a FRESH fire of newness. He will release new instructions to go forth into new beginnings. Foundations will be restored. You will go from being STABLE to being ABLE to do all He has placed before you to do. He will build up the ruins in cities all across the nation.

And he who was seated on the throne said, “Behold, I am making all things new.” Also he said, “Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.” – Revelation 21:5-

Laying of NEW Foundation, Reaching Elevation

Refuse to speak death no matter what you see in the natural. Speak life. Speak truth. Choose to see in the spirit. Jesus came to give you life, and give it more abundantly. He did not come for you to stand in defeat. He came to RESURRECT what is dead. He came to make what looks impossible, POSSIBLE through faith. There is going to be alot of shifting, re-arranging, and elevation. He is going to lay the foundation for new life. You will no longer strive. Instead, you will THRIVE. You will reach elevation through re-direction. The land will break open. You will see sprouts of His harvest beginning to spring forth. He is doing a NEW thing in the dry, parched, and weary land.

Thrust into a NEW Beginning

If what you were doing before is no longer fulfilling, know Abba is thrusting you into a NEW BEGINNING. You will discover what you were always meant to do by stepping out in faith into something new. Do not fret, for He is leading you. You may feel like Lazarus right now. You may be dead. Everything around you looks deserted. Your life could be in ruins. However, He still sees purpose in you. Suddenly, He calls to you, “Come Forth Lazarus, I am the Resurrection and Life.” Instantly, your dead dry bones come alive. You come out of the  darkness of your cave. You move forward into His light that saves. A great transformation takes place. This happened in the story of Lazarus. He heard Jesus call out to him. He believed Jesus was the Resurrection. Transformation took place. He came alive once more. His faith opened the door. He is calling out to you right now. Choose to come out of the grave. Choose to believe to receive the abundance of new life. It is time for you to THRIVE!

Writing with Purpose for His Service,

Broken and Restored Ministries 

Ruby 🙂

Enter the Joseph Season with Thanksgiving


“But the LORD was with Joseph and showed him steadfast love and gave him favor in the sight of the keeper of the prison.”

-Genesis 39:21-

We are all familiar with the story of Joseph. He was the favored son of Jacob. He was also envied by his eleven brothers. His divine purpose would be revealed later in time. His eleven brothers sold him into slavery. They robbed him of his future, or so they thought. God had a divine strategy to use this to set Joseph up for GREATNESS. However, first Joseph had to go through much difficulty. His trial led him to his destiny. He became the slave to Potiphar, who was the assistant to Pharaoh of Egypt. God allowed this so His plan could come to pass. He planned to use Joseph to provide for his family during the  upcoming famine. He also would use Joseph to bring restoration and redemption to his brothers.

Joseph went from being the slave to a prisoner, because Potiphar’s wife lied on him. It was during this time, God gave Pharaoh prophetic dreams. He came to Joseph , because he knew he had the gift of interpreting dreams. Joseph found favor through his gifts. He was then moved from the prison to the palace. Pharaoh  made him second in charge over all of Egypt. This was the divine design of God to launch Joseph into his purpose. He used Joseph’s difficulties to lead others to victory. Joseph’s rejection led to redemption. His gifts were used as a tool to reveal who he truly was. God showed him love and gave him favor in prison. He was then released to walk in his destiny.

In every season of Joseph’s journey, he entered with thanksgiving. You never saw him complain. He never got upset, nor acted in his flesh. He was focused on God. He was highly favored and chosen to walk through each season. God had a reason.  He was rejected and thrown in a pit, yet he never got angry. He was lied on and thrown into prison. He did not try to get even. He remained faithful and humble. In the end, God set it up so  his brothers would come to him for help. He could of gotten revenge, but instead he embraces forgiveness. God redeems his family. His whole prison experience was a divine set up for future PROVISION for His people.  He had to serve for years. He stayed humble. It was only then, he became favored and chosen.

Perhaps, you are in a Joseph season. You have been falsely accused, rejected, or thrown into a pit. Don’t neglect God in this time. Instead, embrace Him and enter this season with thanksgiving. There is a reason for your trial. God is setting you up for future release, provision, and redemption. He is setting you up for GREATNESS. You are favored and chosen by Him for a HIGHER purpose. Stay Faithful. Stay humble. Stay consistent with your gifts. You will be in divine position to receive your awaited inheritance. He has so much in store for you. Trust Him in the process. In due time, you will see the reason behind everything.

Joseph had no idea what God was doing when He was thrown into the pit by his brothers. However, he trusted Him and walked obediently from the pit to the prison, to the palace. He did not complain, make excuses, or draw back in fear. He trusted God through the process. He remained humble. He stayed faithful.  He was chosen by his consistency. God has a reason for every difficulty in our life. He uses them to lead us into our God ordained destinies. It is by walking in destiny, others are led to victory. If you are currently in a Joseph season, know there is a divine reason. God is setting you up to be used for His service. He will reveal His purpose for your life as you remain consistent through every trial. Continue to trust Him. In time, you will be discovered for your true God- ordained identity.

Writing with Purpose for His Service,

Broken and Restored Ministries,

Ruby ❤